Lithium Battery Fires Make Headlines

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Lithium battery fires have been highlighted in recent news articles throughout the country. From an abandoned paper mill in the suburbs of Chicago to an overheated scooter in the Bronx, the potential for injury or even death caused by this technology is undeniable. While these fires aren’t novel, the cases have grown exponentially. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at cases of Lithium battery fires, and how an experienced Lithium battery fire injury attorney can help you hold the negligent parties accountable for injuries or even deaths sustained by loved ones.


Morris Lithium Battery Explosion

Just last month, on June 29, 2021, a former paper mill that was believed to be abandoned caught fire when tons of lithium batteries exploded. Superior Battery, an unregistered business in Morris, Illinois, with no license or proven communication with the city, burned down over the course of a few days. The building was believed to be vacant for decades before the explosion happened.
Approximately 3,000-4,000 people were evacuated from nearby homes and businesses as smoke billowed from the blaze and continued to explode throughout the night. This devastating scene was only exacerbated by the fact that water and firefighting foam is said to cause batteries to explode more, forcing the rescue efforts to use cement to put out the fire. Making matters worse, the mystery company was not listed so the fire crew was not able to determine the exact nature of the business and what could be found inside, making it riskier to send in more emergency response crews. 
The state’s governor issued a disaster proclamation to expedite resources, equipment and personnel to manage the battery explosion. 
Various types of lithium batteries were being stored in the warehouse, ranging from cell phone batteries to car batteries. It’s unclear how many people were injured or died in the blaze.

Bronx Scooter Lithium Battery Fire

In January of 2021 in New York, an overheated scooter battery that was parked on the seventh floor of an apartment building in the Bronx caught fire and injured 12 people, four of whom were critically injured. Emergency responders transported a total of 11 people to nearby Jacobi Medical Center to treat their burn injuries. 
While there was a fire alarm in the building, the NY Fire Marshal stated that it wasn’t working. 

Lessons Learned from Newsworthy Lithium Battery Fires

There are lithium batteries used in all kinds of electronics and appliances. Whether it’s a supposedly abandoned building chalked full of batteries or your ride to and from work, the potential for experiencing a lithium battery fire in your daily life is alarming. 
What’s more, the architecture and close proximity to neighbors in the city makes fires exponentially more dangerous and deadly. With so many cut corners, a lack of maintenance and inspections in NYC apartment buildings, and the prevalence of lithium batteries in everyday appliances, you need someone to fight for you to hold the negligent parties accountable when these batteries catch fire. 

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