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Attorney Vilensky's claim includes failing to ensure smoke detectors were working, failing to provide adequate heat, failing to have an intercom system and failing to have a sprinkler system.

“This was a totally preventable tragedy,” said Robert Vilensky, a lawyer for the tenants. “Had the landlord and city done the things that they are required to do, 17 people would be alive and scores of others unharmed.”

“There’s no number high enough,” Mr. Vilensky said.

Attorney Robert Vilensky said he represents 22 plaintiffs in the lawsuits but expects others to join in the litigation.

Robert Vilensky filed a notice of claim against the city; the Department of Buildings; the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development; former Mayor Bill de Blasio and Housing Commissioner Melanie La Rocca.

Robert Vilensky talks about the aftermath of the 2022 Bronx Apartment Fire.

“There’s no question it was a faulty door,” Vilensky said. “I tested every door in the apartment building. Not one of them closed all the way.”

El abogado civil Robert Vilensky actualmente representa a 22 personas en las demandas y espera que más afectados similares sigan su ejemplo.

“There is no doubt in my mind that people of color and lower socioeconomic people are subjected to unbelievable risk being in these buildings,” says Robert Vilensky