New York City Burn Injury Attorneys

explosion and fire in east harlem

Fire in East Harlem caused by a gas explosion.

For fire and burn injury victims, the law firm of Ronemus & Vilensky, LLP has been an instrumental part of the recovery process. Since we first opened our practice, we have fought for the rights of fire and burn injury victims in some of the most devastating cases our city has seen in its history.

As burn injury attorneys in New York City, our experience and success is unrivaled. Our firm has represented hundreds of fire injury victims, including those injured from chemical burns, helping them to navigate the complex and difficult legal system. As the most accomplished personal injury law firm in the greater New York City metro area, we have been called upon time and again to provide competent legal guidance and counsel for victims of first-degree burns, second-degree burns, third-degree burns, fourth-degree burns and related serious burn injuries. In fact, our clients have recovered millions of dollars in financial compensation for their serious burn injuries.

How Can a New York Fire Accident Lawyer Help You?

If you have suffered serious burns as a result of a fire or explosion, you will require medical treatment for possible nerve damage, chemical burns and inhalation injuries and will be hit with expensive medical bills including for skin grafts. You may also experience lost wages if you cannot work and be entitled to non economic damages such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and loss of enjoyment of life. New York burn injury lawyers can help you with your personal injury case in getting the maximum compensation. You will receive a free case evaluation for your burn injury claim.

Experience in New York Burn Injury Compensation

Many of our firm’s successes in and out of the courtroom are centered on claims around victims injured by a fire. Robert Vilensky, rated as a Super Lawyer for the past decade, has worked with these individuals for many years. His background in the field of personal injury law has prepared him to meet the needs of each burn injury victim. Mr. Vilensky is a vocal advocate for victims’ rights. He and our team of experienced burn victim attorneys have been selected to represent fire injury victims and their families in some of the highest-profile fire incidents New York City has seen. 

We Represent Victims of Some of the Largest Fires in New York City

Victims in New York know that the burn injury attorneys at Ronemus & Vilensky, LLP are the most accomplished and the most experienced personal injury firm in the area. We have been chosen by victims of fires as well as surviving family members alike. Some of the victims we represent we were in the following tragic fires:

2014 Harlem Fire – This incident injured 200 people and resulted in the deaths of 10. Robert Vilensky was appointed by a judge to oversee the litigation of more than 220 cases related to this devastating fire. He was chosen because of his vast experience in fire-related injuries.

Second Avenue Fire – This fire led to the deaths of five people. Mr. Vilensky was again chosen to oversee the depositions of 70 cases related to the fire.

Prospect Avenue Fire – In 2017 in the Bronx, a child playing with a stove started a fire that swept through an apartment building. The fire spread due to the lack of self-closing fire doors in the structure. Ultimately, 13 people lost their lives, and dozens more were injured. This incident was one of the most high-profile fire injury cases on which our firm has worked; of the 77 claims related to the fire, we have taken on 73. As a result of the blaze and the tremendous loss of life, our firm was instrumental in helping to pass legislation requiring safety locks on stoves in New York City. We were also directly involved with the city’s Building Department and convinced the Department to conduct safety checks in the city’s apartment buildings regarding self-closing fire doors.

2018 Arthur Avenue Fire – In this incident, four people died. The structure had no working smoke detectors to alert residents. Our firm is representing 12 families, including families of two fatal victims of the fire. 

Commonwealth Avenue Fire – A hotplate overheated, starting a fire. There were no fatalities, but many victims suffered significant burn injuries. Ronemus & Vilensky are representing 14 families. 

2018 Brooklyn Fire – Two small children died as a result of this fire. Our firm represents both families of the little girls who perished in the blaze.

2019 Harlem Fire – A fire broke out in the kitchen of an apartment unit in a Harlem neighborhood. Residents were trapped because the fire escapes were located in the kitchen and could not be reached through the flames. Six people died, including two children. Our firm represents two families affected by this fire.

2019 Bronx Fire – A devastating fire swept through an apartment building and was sparked by a defective power strip. The fire destroyed 15 apartment units. Our firm is handling 11 cases of families injured by the incident. 

2022 Bronx Fire – Nineteen people died and countless lives and families were affected by a malfunctioning space heater that erupted in a fire. Roger Vilensky and his firm is leading the charge to hold several government authorities and individuals responsible for the fire including the City of New York; Building Department of the City of New York; Department of Housing, Preservation, and Development; Bill DeBlasio, former Mayor of New York City; and Melanie LaRocca, former Commissioner of Buildings. These entities and figures failed to fully take the steps necessary to require the building’s landlords to fix and maintain the building’s safety doors and fire & smoke alarms.

 The above fire cases are just some of the many cases we have handled as New York’s premier personal injury law firm. Ronemus & Vilensky, LLP are dedicated to helping fire and burn injury victims recover the compensation they deserve. With compassion, understanding, and a track record of success in the courtroom, our firm stands ready to represent injury victims throughout our great city. 

NYC Experiences Some of the Worst Fires Nationwide

As one of the most densely-populated urban environments in the United States, the greater New York City area is prone to fire incidents that result in unnecessary injuries and deaths. Some of the factors that influence the frequency and severity of fires within our city include:

  • Lax or outdated safety standards, particularly among older residential buildings.
  • High population densities. 
  • Small living spaces, especially in some of the apartment blocks and developments in the most densely-populated neighborhoods.
  • Disparities in fire prevention strategies and safety equipment in lower-income developments and regions like the Bronx and portions of Brooklyn.

Why Burn Victims Should Hire an NYC Fire Accident Attorney

Each of these factors can result in fire injuries and unfortunate deaths. We work closely with fire injury victims to preserve their rights. More importantly, we work hard to help hold those responsible for fire tragedies accountable. Contact our NYC Burn Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation or call 212-779-7070.