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Category: Police Brutality & Discrimination

What Is Police Misconduct?

police brutality

Here we take a look at what police misconduct is, the impact of misconduct on the part of police officers on people’s lives, the prevalence of misconduct in police departments, including in the New York City police

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Police Brutality Cases in NYC

Police officers on duty during street protest

Police brutality, police misconduct, excessive force, shootings, false arrests, and police corruption are all front-and-center issues, making headline news and putting the spotlight on police departments throughout the country including the New York police department. In 2021,

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The Causes of Police Use of Excessive Force

excessive force

The United States has become increasingly synonymous with police brutality. Given the recent infamous cases of excessive force, we’re going to break down the causes for such acts to provide key insights into this behavior. If you or someone you

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