Top Winter Driving Tips to Avoid Car Accidents In Crazy New York

car accident new york

With all the snow and slick and icy road conditions making our nation’s highways treacherous to travel on, it’s important to adopt the following smart policies for road travel. Drive Slower And Avoid Speeding on Icy Highways While our culture has evolved to emphasize punctuality and penalize tardiness, that does not mean you should drive […]

Rise of NYC Distracted Driving Accidents Underscores Growing National Car Safety Issue

distracted driving NYC

As electronic devices such as smartphones, headphones and music players become more of a prevalent part of our day-to-day lives, we feel the need to use or enjoy them while driving.  Doing so, however, puts drivers at risk for a rapidly growing NY car accident and national car accident issue: distracted driving.  Even wearable technology […]

New N.Y.P.D. Data on NYC Car Accident Cases Show Revealing Results

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In 2011, the transportation committee of New York City’s City Council approved three bills to allow greater public access regarding NYC car accident case crash data as a way to improve pedestrian safety.  Under Jessica Lappin’s “Saving Lives Through Better Information” bill, the Council tasked the N.Y.P.D. with releasing regular car accident case collision data […]