Retired NYPD Cop Sues Metro-North for $10 Million Following Last Year’s Bronx Train Derailment

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Dareh Gregorian reports for the Daily News that New York City attorney, Robert Vilensky, has just filed a $10 million lawsuit on behalf of his client, retired NYC cop, Eddie Russell, one of the survivors of the Metro North train crash last December.  Gregorian said Vilensky is seeking unspecified compensatory damages for his client’s injures, and $10 million in punitive damages.

The author pointed out that Vilensky cited a federal review that uncovered the fact that Metro North had “emphasized on-time performance to the detriment of safe operations and adequate maintenance of its infrastructure.” In addition, a report by National Transportation Safety Board earlier this week found that Rockefeller, 46, the train’s engineer, suffered from a sleep disorder and had taken cold medication that caused drowsiness in his system at the time of the fatal crash.