What to Do if You Experience a Lithium Battery Fire

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In a recent post, we discussed some of the lithium battery fires that made national headlines, some of which took place in New York City. Since these types of batteries are present in so many of our everyday items, such as phones, laptops and computers, there is a good chance you might experience a lithium battery fire in your lifetime. In this article, we’re going to cover how to manage a battery fire and what to do to prevent further injury and damage to yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings. If you or someone you know has suffered injury or death from a lithium battery fire, an experienced NYC Lithium battery fire injury attorney can help.

Heed the warning signs.

According to the ICC Compliance Center, if a battery is about to catch fire it will feel extremely hot or swell up (the device may look like it has a lump or bulge). Then it may start to discolor causing damage, blistering, and begin smoking. Do not touch a swelling or ruptured device with your bare hands. If you notice this, avoid picking it up or handling it.

Extinguish the flame.

Lithium ion batteries can be extinguished with water, but lithium metal batteries require a Class D fire extinguisher. If you do not have access to one, water will help to contain the blaze.

ICC also notes that for best results dousing a lithium-ion fire, use a foam extinguisher, CO2, ABC dry chemical, powdered graphite, copper powder, or soda (sodium carbonate) as you would extinguish other combustible fires.

If you’re concerned about not having the right tools to extinguish a lithium battery fire and notice signs of it about to burst into flames, allow it to burn out in a controlled fire-proof environment if possible. Be mindful of the fact that the item might be flammable even after the fire seems to be burned out. To be safe, ensure the burned item remains in a fire-proof location or outside at least for a few hours to ensure it doesn’t catch fire again from propagated cells. Keep your eyes out for secondary fires and put them out just as you did the first round, if possible.

Contact 911

Perhaps the most important part of this process is to notify emergency personnel. Fire authorities can help manage the blaze, keep it contained, and get you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. Lithium ion batteries have the capacity to burn and injure people quickly, which is why it’s important to take these tips into consideration. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. An experienced NYC fire injury lawyer can help you recover the damages you deserve after experiencing a battery fire from a product you trust. Contact us today for a free quote.

Contact Your Fire Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has experienced suffering, pain, or injuries due to lithium battery fires or explosions in New York City, contact an explosion expert lawyer immediately. We will help you get through this difficult time and receive the justice you deserve. Our firm currently represents 30 people who were injured and died when the battery of a lithium bike exploded and started a fire, killing two and severely burning several other people. We have the resources and knowledge you need to navigate this devastating situation. Contact our NYC Fire Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation or call 212-779-7070.