Understanding How Dated Apartment Buildings Can Lead to Fires

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Experiencing an apartment fire is traumatic to say the least. The close proximity and sky-high architecture is the hallmark building style of historic New York City. However, these antiquated buildings pose some serious fire risks. As we’ve discussed in our previous blog, landlords and tenants have specific obligations to uphold to provide and maintain a safe living environment. Part of this contract includes a fire-safe apartment. Read on to understand how these old buildings that might not be up to code, or built with outdated materials and methods, can pose a fire risk to you. If any of these are present in your current rental, be sure to contact your landlord for fixes or inspections immediately. If you or someone you know has been a victim of an apartment fire and suffered injuries, contact an experienced Fire injury Lawyer NYC as soon as possible.

Ungrounded electrical wiring.

Grounded electrical wiring wasn’t required until the 1960’s, which consisted of a grounding rod and a third circuit wire. Before that, electrical shock and outages were common and dangerous. Without grounded wiring in an apartment, tenants are likely to experience frequent outages, overheated outlets, flickering lights, and power surges.

Exposed wires.

Spliced wires or exposed wires are often the culprits of apartment and house fires in older buildings. The issue is that these wires are often unseen to the tenant, which means the landlord is personally responsible for notifying and fixing the fire hazard.

Faulty wiring.

Faulty wiring is a huge concern among older apartment buildings in NYC. According to UL Global Safety Science Center, here are some signs you may have faulty wiring:

  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Too many extension cords
  • Sparking
  • Odors from outlets
  • Hot outlets or switch plates
  • Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers
  • Buzzing sounds when electricity is on

All of these signs can pose potential fire hazards and should not be taken lightly by the tenant or the landlord.

Worn out outlets.

Over time, the connections in outlets can become loose. If your outlets are not holding plugs easily, this is a bad sign. This is especially dangerous for children and pets who may bump into them. If you notice your outlets are loose, ask your landlord to come by to ensure the bolts are tight and that the connections are secure. If not, they will need to be replaced.

Contacting a Fire Injury Lawyer

 Fires have the potential to cause devastating and life-threatening injuries within seconds. If you or someone you know has suffered a fire injury, let us help you fight for your rights and hold those responsible accountable for your trauma and injuries. Contact our NYC Fire Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation or call 212-779-7070.