New York City Area Hospitals Are Either Making People Sick or Killing Them

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In an exclusive interview with New York Post’s Melkorka Licea, a pediatrician who spent three years as a resident in the Coney Island Hospital spoke out anonymously about the frightening conditions children face in this 371-bed facility. This doctor listed chronic negligence, unqualified care and poor supervision as some of the issues that are responsible for making this city-run institution not only not a place of healing, but one of horrifying danger.

According to this doctor, “kids were treated willy-nilly every day. It didn’t matter if they came in for a splinter or anaphylactic shock, the staff would throw every possible drug and antibiotic at the child — rather than use evidence-based medicine and take the time to come up with a real diagnosis.”

In another recent article also featured in the New York Post, Betsy McCaughey reported on New York City’s most dangerous hospitals. At the top of the list was Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn. The hospital earned an “F” in the 2015 Hospital Safety Scores. McCaughey refers to the hospital as a “deathtrap” citing the 13 percent of pneumonia patients who received the wrong antibiotic and the 1/3 of patients with blood clots who also got the wrong treatment.

Brooklyn Hospital Center’s downtown campus didn’t fare much better in the Hospital Scores, being awarded a “D”. This hospital’s patients contract a high number of bloodstream infections, urinary tract infections and a deadly form of diarrhea during their stay at the institution. And the deadly mistakes don’t stop there, Flushing Hospital Medical Center, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers also all got “D’s” for hospital safety.

If you or a loved one has experienced delinquent, damaging or even deadly care while admitted at a New York City hospital, it is important that you contact an experienced attorney who can make sure that the hospital and the staff are held accountable. Victims in other states such as Maine and Massachusetts have spoken out in numbers and the result is that hospitals are improving and are earning “A’s” where New York City hospitals are only complaining about the grading system instead of improving the care.

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