Top Winter Driving Tips to Avoid Car Accidents In Crazy New York

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With all the snow and slick and icy road conditions making our nation’s highways treacherous to travel on, it’s important to adopt the following smart policies for road travel.

Drive Slower And Avoid Speeding on Icy Highways

While our culture has evolved to emphasize punctuality and penalize tardiness, that does not mean you should drive any faster on highways or other roads to make your next meeting or appointment.  According to the N.Y.P.D., nearly 260 motor vehicles were involved in collisions that involved unsafe speeding on city roads.  To avoid the likelihood of a speeding-related NY car accident, change your philosophy about driving fast and instead focus on driving slowly and safely to your destination especially when faced with slick road conditions.  Regardless of whether you are early or late to your appointment, it is far more important that you arrive at your destination and return home without any NY car accident injuries.

Take Better Care of Your Car

Not regularly taking your car in for scheduled maintenance? This can drastically increase your risk of getting involved in a NY car accident.  Brake system failure, tire blowouts and steering issues are among the various car maintenance-related issues that can greatly affect a driver’s ability to properly control his or her vehicle on the road.  By routinely inspecting your tires, changing your engine oil and addressing any possible car issues immediately upon discovering them, you will greatly reduce your likelihood of getting involved in this type of NY car accident.

Drive More Carefully In Inclement Weather

While snowstorms, sleet and ice can provide plenty of complications for drivers, many choose to not adapt their driving habits to inclement weather conditions, resulting in dire consequences.  According to the Federal Highway Administration, 24 percent of all car crashes annually—or over 1.5 million crashes in total—are caused by weather-related factors.  If you find yourself driving in inclement weather conditions this winter, take proactive steps to drive more cautiously and carefully than you would under ordinary road conditions to avoid a possible NY car accident.

Rest Up Before Driving

Driver fatigue is a well-documented factor that can lead to NY car accidents; the N.Y.P.D.’s most recent citywide car collision report showed that—in the month of October—35 drivers fell asleep at the wheel at the time of their accidents, while 22 felt fatigued or drowsy at the time of their collisions.  To avoid getting into a similar NY car accident, make sure to get into a regular sleep routine in the days leading up to your trip, and do not hesitate to find a nearby hotel to rest at if embarking on multi-day or nighttime trips.

Eliminate Distractions While Driving

Do you like to text, make phone calls or use electronic devices while driving?  Now is a great time to curb that habit!  Distracted driving is a rapidly-growing problem that can lead to NY car accidents, and was the top cause of over 2,000 NYC car accidents by the N.Y.P.D. in its most recent monthly traffic collision report.  In fact, federal studies have shown that 11% of drivers aged 18-20 who were involved in a car accident and survived said they were sending or receiving texts when they crashed.  The best way to eliminate this type of distraction is to turn off your smartphone and other electronic devices, and store them in compartments that are inaccessible from your driver’s seat.  If you need to have your cell phone or electronic device powered on while driving, have a passenger handle your incoming calls and texts, or purchase one of the many specialized smartphone apps currently on the market to reduce electronic device-related distractions.

Unfortunately, not all drivers are as conscientious about their driving habits, and many will likely drive recklessly.  If you or someone you know was a victim of negligent driving during the holiday travel season, contact the experienced NYC car accident lawyers at Ronemus & Vilensky, LLP. to determine whether you have a possible NY car accident claim.