What Do To After a New York Fire Accident

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New York City fire accidents unfortunately and tragically occur more often than we would like to imagine. Time after time, headline news and leading story on our local stations feature an explosion in a multi-story building, a fire that resulted in flames that made its way through the halls of each floor and individual apartments, or a blast that caused injured people to be rushed to the hospital. We see footage of firefighters called onto the scene trying to save hurt individuals. Too often, a fire will result in deaths. The mayor and other officials are out on the street talking to reporters and neighbors about the potential cause of the fire.

2022 Fires in the News

In 2022 alone, we have already seen devastating New York fires including the Bronx fire at a high rise that killed 17 people, including eight children. More than 60 people were injured, of which 32 had life-threatening injuries. Officials said that the fire was caused by a defective space heater bursting into flames. As a result of two malfunctioning self-closing doors, smoke spread throughout the building, causing the deaths. Also, on a Tuesday in January 2022, according to officials, one person was killed and eight others were injured in New York after a Bronx residential explosion caused at least a partial building collapse, rendered three structures uninhabitable, and sparked a daylong fire.

In February 2022, nine people were hurt in a fire that broke out in a Bronx, New York apartment building. About 100 firefighters were called to the scene to put out the flames.

Causes Behind New York Blast, Explosion

These incidents bring to the forefront the poor safety conditions of buildings in New York, including in the Bronx. Often these fires, blasts and explosions in multifamily units are as a result of the property owner’s and landlord’s negligence. For example, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detecting devices don’t work and sprinkler systems are inoperable. There are issues with fire escapes and doors, there is broken or defective fire-retardant material on ceiling and walls, and other fire safety issues. Heating systems don’t work, necessitating the use of space heaters by tenants. In addition, statistically, the people who typically die as a result of accidents, including fires, are disproportionately people of color.

Owners, Landlords Responsible for Conditions of Building

Builders owners and landlords are responsible for the habitability of the apartments under state and local laws including:

  • Providing heat and hot and cold water
  • Installing at least one approved and operational carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector in each apartment
  • Implementing fire and safety measures including self-closing doors, clear and unobstructed exits

Call an Experienced Attorney After an New York Fire Accident

If you are the victim of a house or apartment blast, explosion or fire and have been displaced or injured, once you receive the medical care, contact an experienced attorney who can help you. Ronemus & Vilensky has been involved in numerous high-profile NY fire accident cases, helping the injured, displaced and the families of loved ones lost in a blaze receive compensation for their losses.

For example, we filed a $1 billion lawsuit on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 against the building owners for negligence in the deadly Bronx high-rise fire that killed 17 individuals. The former major and commissioner are also named in the lawsuit for failure to inspect all buildings as promised.

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