Trapped Children Thrown Out of Window to Escape Bronx House Fire

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Three children, ages four to six, were tossed out of a second-floor window to safety as a fire
quickly spread throughout the house. The Bronx dwelling quickly became engulfed in flames as
quick-thinking adults rushed to get the kids to safety and then themselves. It was too dangerous
for the family to exit through the front door as the egress was shut off, leaving them no choice but
to jump from the second story.

The family members were taken to the hospital for observation and fortunately didn’t have any
serious injuries. However, the babysitter, who also jumped out of the window, sustained serious
injuries when she hit her head hard on the ground.

In addition, a firefighter became trapped on the second floor and had to call for “Mayday.” His
fellow firefighters were able to rescue him through a window. The firefighter was treated at the
hospital for minor burns.

The family is coming to terms with the fact they are now homeless right before Christmas,
although they understand that the outcome could have been worse had they been unable to escape
the fast-burning structure.

The cause of the fire located at 2162 Story Avenue in the Bronx is under investigation.