NYC Lawyers Win $5 Million Verdict for Medical Malpractice

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Our client suffered a stroke and was left unattended for six hours in a hospital emergency room hallway. The ER doctor ordered a CAT scan, but hospital employees said that the CAT scanner was not operating properly. The patient was finally transferred to another hospital, where the stroke was diagnosed and an operation was performed to attempt to remove a blood clot from his brain. However, due to the delay in treatment, our client’s condition deteriorated and he died after living six months in a nursing home. Our client had worked as a dental technician and earned approximately $25,000 annually. He had lived with and helped to support his 80 year-old father. The medical malpractice Lawyers at Ronvil Law firm in New York City, were able to win the client $5 Million dollars in this NYC medical malpractice lawsuit.

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