Common Causes of Apartment Fires

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Every resident of New York City should understand their risk of experiencing an apartment fire. Whether it’s the result of a neighbor’s careless habits or poorly maintained electrical systems, there are plenty of reasons you could experience an apartment fire. Here, we’re going to list the top 4 causes of apartment fires and how you can acknowledge and prevent them. After all, the more fire safety you know, the safer you and your loved ones will be. If you or someone you know has been a victim of an apartment fire and suffered injuries, contact an experienced Fire injury Lawyer as soon as possible.


Approximately 50 percent of all apartment fires result from cooking. Something as simple as removing potentially flammable materials away from the open flames can prevent a fire from happening in the first place. This means being cautious of oven mitts, towels, and dish rags when cooking.

Never leave open flames attended, and be sure to turn your burners and your oven off after using. Practicing these simple habits will reduce the likelihood of a disaster.

Space heaters.

Everyone knows New York can be bitter in the winter, and heaters are often necessary to remain comfortable. However, improper or negligent use of these appliances can cause a blaze. Similar to cooking, never leave your heater unattended and ensure it’s switched to the off position when you’re leaving.

Electrical issues.

As we’ve covered in previous blogs, electrical malfunctions are unfortunately very common in dated NYC buildings. According to Apartment Guide:

  • Make sure all electric outlets are “up to par,” not loose, wired properly and covered when not in use
  • Make sure you never use a cable where the third “ground” prong has been removed
  • Never use extension cords as permanent solutions and make sure all permanent cords are in-tact and not frayed or damaged

If you notice anything amiss, contact your landlord or property manager right away. When in doubt, it’s best to have an electrician come out to evaluate the electrical system.


They’re a critical part of our day-to-day lives, but misuse of appliances can be dangerous. In general, never use appliances near water when they aren’t intended for it, and follow the manufacturer’s operating guidelines. It’s also important to remember not to overload power strips as appliances use a lot of electricity.

Contacting a Fire Injury Lawyer

 Fires have the potential to cause devastating and life-threatening injuries within seconds. If you or someone you know has suffered a fire injury, let us help you fight for your rights and hold those responsible accountable for your trauma and injuries. Contact our NYC Fire Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation or call 212-779-7070.