What Should I Do if I’m in a Construction Accident?

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Construction workers for small businesses or large companies often face a wide range of construction problems at work. They may get cut, sprained, crushed, exposed to debris or dangerous chemicals, or otherwise injured. Fatalities can still occur even if safety teams take steps to prevent a construction accident from happening on the job.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a construction accident, the following guide will help you understand your rights and how a construction accident lawyer can help you overcome your pain and lost wages.

Causes Of Construction Accidents

Many building site accidents happen because costs and work schedules exceed worker safety. Employees may not take the necessary safety measures when a boss wants a job done fast and for as little money as possible. Construction accident sites often happen because:

  • Lack of fall safety measures or equipment for construction workers working in high places
  • People on the ground are not safe from falling objects.
  • Cranes or lifting equipment is overloaded.
  • Construction materials and trash can be tripping hazards.
  • Failed occupational safety protocols and unsafe structures or hazards are present
  • Work near power lines without taking safety steps
  • Workers in ditches had no way to stay safe or to escape if a collapse occurs.
  • Unsafe conditions on the soil and lacking proper caution when digging.

Steps to Take After a Construction Accident

Many possible incidents happen to workers on construction sites. Because of this, workers can suffer serious injuries if they slip or don’t act appropriately. If you get injured on a New York construction job, here are the top 5 things you should do. This information will help stop future incidents:

Share stories of what happened

This is the most important thing you can do after a construction accident. And there are many reasons for this. The truth is that many injuries and incidents in the construction business contractors are not reported. Often, workers are not legal residents, and they worry that telling their boss or contractors about an accident will affect their job or immigrant status. Sometimes, construction companies want to avoid having an accident reported because it would make their safety policies look bad. Reporting unsafe conditions could lead to an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) review and fines.

Even so, it helps to tell your boss, supervisor, or whoever else is in charge about an accident. This records the accident and what happened. Let them know about a potentially dangerous situation so they can keep other people from getting hurt in the same hazardous area.

Photos, more videos, and names

If you get hurt in a construction accident, you may not get pictures or videos of the scene or the names of people who saw what happened on your own. You could ask two or three workers to do it immediately. Note the hour the accident occurred. Before the dangerous situation changes, all that’s needed are pictures or videos taken with a cell phone to show what’s happening. Also, if you can’t, have a coworker write down the names and addresses of anyone who saw the accident. This is very important because the study must be done as soon as possible and be thorough. Memories fade, and witnesses’ stories can be swayed by fear of getting into trouble. Immediately inform the contractor about the unsafe conditions that let to the accident and any injuries that occurred. Getting their help early gives outside forces less time to do damage that can’t be fixed.

Get help from a medical professional

After experiencing a construction accident yourself on a building site, you should go to the hospital immediately. You can call 911 yourself or ask a coworker to do it. When it comes to getting the correct diagnosis and treatment for severe injuries, time is the key. Also, getting medical care immediately helps prove that you were hurt in an accident and went to the doctor immediately. A building company will often deny that an accident happened and will also deny what happened. A medical record that shows what happened and what was hurt can be compelling to a court regarding an accident.

Compensation for workers

In New York, the law says that your company must provide Workers’ Compensation insurance benefits to protect you if you get hurt by a construction accident. As much as the law in New York allows, these benefits will pay for your medical care and lost wages. To get Workers’ Compensation benefits, you must tell your boss about the accident and make an investigation report. The report is brief, but some rules and deadlines must be met to ensure you get all the benefits you are due.

Talk to a building accident lawyer with a lot of experience

After a construction accident, your top priority should be getting the medical care you need to heal. Then, calling an attorney should be your next step. An experienced New York building site accident lawyer knows what to do and has the tools to help you by doing all the paperwork and investigating you need to get a good result in terms of lawsuits or settlements. If you hire the right law firm, you can focus on getting better and know that your case is in good hands.

Lawyers investigate any claim, including gathering eyewitness accounts, recreating accident scenes, and filing reports with insurance companies and site investigators. Without a proper investigation report, any injury of the construction worker remains unaccounted for and can result in the loss of rights and protections.

Stay aware and make plans for a construction accident at work

Every company should have a plan for handling accidents, and all workers should be trained on the plan’s details and steps. The program should say how workers should report accidents and how to get the right help fast. It should tell the trained person to give first aid and how to contact medical help if needed.

Training is the leading risk management step to prevent construction accident incidents. Construction workers should be trained at regular intervals until they know what to do and who to talk to in the event a accident or injury occurs.


Here is a list of the complete benefits of construction workers’ compensation for construction accident coverage:

  • Costs for medical care and treatment for construction workers
  • The cost of a funeral if any individual dies in a construction accident
  • Lost income because of the construction accident
  • Injury caused by overuse
  • Benefits for individuals who are temporarily or permanently disabled by the construction accident
  • Rehabilitation or long-term medical care and recovery
  • A portion of the average weekly wage
  • Costs of getting to medical visits for a construction worker or crane operator

Workers’ compensation is not the only financial solution available to injured construction accident victims. A personal injury attorney specializing in construction accident cases can help you determine whether you have a case, identify who is responsible, and work with you to secure fair and equitable compensation for your injuries.


These construction accidents can cause significant injuries and even death in different ways. If you or someone in your family has been hurt or killed by a construction accident, you should get help immediately. After seeking medical attention, your next step is to contact an experienced building accident lawyer directly to protect your rights. And you get the total and fair compensation you deserve.

Employers have an obligation to set up their businesses so that if someone gets hurt at work, they can deal with it. They can do this by putting safety first, linking with a medical provider, and receiving training from a safety professional. And planning for transitional jobs that can be changed. Visit the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) website or call the office closest to you to learn more about what to do if a construction accident happens.

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