3 Things to Look for When Hiring an Erb’s Palsy Attorney

About Ronemus & Vilensky

The attorneys at Ronemus & Vilensky prepare every case as if it were going to trial, whether you go to trial or not. If the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, we will be prepared to take the case to court.


They have experience with Erb’s Palsy cases specifically

Find out how many Erb’s Palsy cases your lawyer has handled. And how many they have taken to trial versus settling out of court. The insurance companies don’t respect a lawyer unless they know that they will actually take a case all the way to verdict and not accept low ball offers to settle. Ask him/her how long he/she has handled these kind of cases. Like any specialty, these cases take time to understand the nuances of the law, and the medicine. Also there are certain regular doctors whom the insurance companies rely on to try to defend these cases. You need to be sure that your lawyer has gone head to head with them and knows the right line of questioning to uncover the flaws of their theories.

They have the ability to understand the medicine

Many doctors are not even aware of the injury called Erb’s Palsy. But your lawyer needs to understand it thoroughly in order to explain it plainly and clearly to a jury. Your lawyer must understand how the injury happens, what treatment is available and what the insurance companies do to fight these cases. Ask your lawyer how he/she learned about these injuries. And ask him/her who the doctors are that will be relied upon to give testimony in your case.

They are the best lawyer for you

It is critical that you seek the best lawyer for you. Many lawyers advertise for cases, but then refer them to lawyers who specialize in Erb’s Palsy cases. So know that the lawyer you call and talk to may not be the lawyer who will take your case. Make sure your lawyer tells you whether or not he/she will actually take your case. Ask your lawyer what their results have been in these cases. Ask how many Erb’s Palsy trials he/she has had and what the verdicts were in those cases.  And ask if he/she is going to be referring your case out to an expert attorney for trial. It is important right away to know who that expert is and make sure that you meet with that attorney. A good attorney/client relationship is of paramount importance in ensuring the success of the case.