New N.Y.P.D. Data on NYC Car Accident Cases Show Revealing Results

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In 2011, the transportation committee of New York City’s City Council approved three bills to allow greater public access regarding NYC car accident case crash data as a way to improve pedestrian safety.  Under Jessica Lappin’s “Saving Lives Through Better Information” bill, the Council tasked the N.Y.P.D. with releasing regular car accident case collision data both citywide and for each borough, which can be found by browsing through the department’s collision data archives.

Since then, the N.Y.P.D. has published monthly car collision data reports for every month for NYC car accidents.  The department recently released car accident data earlier this month for September 2013, detailing some intriguing results regarding NYC car accident cases.  The entire report can also be viewed by clicking here.

What the N.Y.P.D. Found Regarding NY Car Accident Cases in September 2013

– In the month of September 2013 alone, the N.Y.P.D. reported 16,930 motor vehicle collisions, which collectively resulted in 26 fatalities and approximately 5,000 injuries.  This marks over 200 more collisions than what the N.Y.P.D. reported in August 2013, and over 400 more collisions than what the N.Y.P.D. reported in September 2012

– The most common type of vehicle involved in NYC car accidents during the month of September 2013 were passenger vehicles.  According to the N.Y.P.D. 17,311 passenger vehicles were involved in a NYC motor vehicle collision.  Rounding out the ten most common identifiable vehicle types involved in NYC motor vehicle collisions were:

2) SUVs/station wagons (7,120 vehicles)

3) Taxis (1,339 vehicles)

4) Vans (1,175 vehicles)

5) Bicycles (596)

6) Buses (595 vehicles)

7) Small commercial vehicles with four tires (568 vehicles)

8) Large commercial vehicles with six or more wheels (557 vehicles)

9) Pick-up trucks (490 vehicles)

10) Livery vehicles (316 vehicles)

965 of the vehicles listed in the N.Y.P.D.’s car collision data were classified as “Other,” while 2,108 other vehicles were classified as “Unknown.”

– If you are looking for the safest vehicle to use in getting around the city, try taking a pedicab.  The pedicab category had the smallest number of vehicles involved in September 2013 motor vehicle collisions with only two vehicles involved in accidents, followed by the scooter category with eight.

– The N.Y.P.D. also found driver inattention/distraction to be the most prevalent contributing factor in car collision injuries and deaths, and was listed as the main contributing cause in 2,397 vehicles that were involved in such accidents. Other major contributing factors included:

2. Following Too Closely (1,094 vehicles)

3. Failure to Yield Right of Way (789 vehicles)

4. Unsafe Lane Changing (484 vehicles)

5. Backing Unsafely (476 vehicles)

6. Passing or Lange Usage Improper (454 vehicles)

7. Turning Improperly (369 vehicles)

8. Unsafe Speed (284 vehicles)

9. Other Uninvolved Vehicle (278 vehicles)

10. Driver Inexperience (260 vehicles)

– Only four vehicles citywide were found by the N.Y.P.D. to have been in a crash because of hand-held or hands-free cell phone use, while six vehicles were found to have been in a crash because of usage of a different electronic device.  One vehicle citywide was involved in a crash because the driver was either listening or using headphones.

How Our NYC Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

The N.Y.P.D.’s monthly data reports on car accident cases are helpful in determining the types of vehicles to watch out for when driving, as well as the major causes behind various NYC car accident cases.  If you or someone you know was involved in a car accident and sustained injuries, experienced property damage, or are having problems with your insurance provider, contact Ronemus and Vilensky to schedule an appointment with one of our NYC car accident lawyers.  Our NYC car accident lawyers are experts in the laws governing NYC car accident cases, and will investigate the circumstances of your situation and research appropriate laws and case history to determine whether you have a possible car accident claim.  If we find that you do have a possible car accident claim, our NYC car accident lawyers will work with you to develop an effective legal strategy that will help bring quick and just resolution to your claim.

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