$430K Settlement Obtained for Worker After Construction Accident



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$430K for Construction Worker Buried Up to His Shoulders

Our client is employed by a third party construction company as a laborer for a construction site. Part of his job was to work on trenches in a housing project in Staten Island. While our client’s company was working on exterior plumbing work, he was tasked to connect water valves in a trench in Bloomingdale Road. As he was tightening screws on the gate valve, a part of the 50 feet long, three feet wide and approximately 5 ½ feet deep trench collapsed. This left our client buried in dirt to about shoulder high. The incident caused him serious physical injuries. Personal injuries, including but not limited to bilateral superior and inferior pubic rami fractures, urinary bladder rupture, spelenic laceration, and was hospitalized for almost two weeks. Our client reported that the reason for the collapse was the absence of shoring in the trenches. Thus making it a hazard to workers. Because of that, a case was filed against the construction company for violation of New York State Labor Law and Industrial Code of the State of New York. The case was dismissed but an appeal was made which then re-instated the case. Once the case was reinstated plaintiff made motions for an expedited trial and the case proceeded to private mediation. The private mediation lead to the settlement of the case after payment of damages due to the construction accident caused by company negligence.

Case settled for: $430,000