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Case Results: Erb's Palsy

$2.5 Million Settlement for Erb’s Palsy

The physician who delivered the baby failed to take precautions to protect the nerves leading to the baby’s arm. The attending physician should have recognized that the baby was too large to be delivered vaginally. Due to the size of

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$1.35 Million Settlement for Erb’s Palsy

We brought suit for our client against the hospital that delivered her adopted daughter. The delivering doctor used excessive force during the infant’s delivery. This negligence caused an injury to the baby’s nerves emanating from her cervical spinal cord resulting

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$975,000 Settlement for Erbs Palsy

Our client, a baby, sustained a damaged nerve due to medical malpractice during delivery. Doctors at the hospital did not realize that the baby would be large and when the baby was being delivered the doctors could not get the

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