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Medical Malpractice Case Resulting in Permanent Injury to Feet

Tomika Bell is a resident of the Bronx, New York – a single woman aged 47 years and the mother of two children. Her unique medical situation was referred to the law firm of Ronemus & Vilensky, LLP, a prominent firm known for its expertise in defending clients with medical malpractice claims.

Ms. Bell’s injury started in 2014 when she received a bunionectomy at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx in October 2014. During the surgery, pins were placed in her right foot. After three to four months, Ms. Bell experienced a loss of mobility in the toes of her right foot. It was determined that the surgical hardware had shifted unexpectedly. After physical therapy and several medical appointments, Ms. Bell was scheduled for follow-up surgery, which took place in November 2015. This second surgery went poorly, and Ms. Bell experienced blood clots, bleeding around the surgical site, and further loss of function of her toes. It is unclear what led to the complications during and after the second surgery.

Despite numerous follow-up visits over the subsequent four years, Ms. Bell is in constant pain and has difficulty walking. Her toes are curled and are unable to move. We believe that the medical professionals in her surgery and aftercare were negligent in their duties. Ms. Bell is seeking financial compensation for her medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of wages.