$1.8 Million For Injuries Sustained In A Car Accident



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Our client, a 30 year old kitchen designer at The Home Depot in Long Island was hit head on when another car turned left into his lane of oncoming traffic on Long Ridge Road in Pound Ridge. He was transported to Stamford Hospital in Connecticut suffering fractures and injuries to his spine, hip and legs. He underwent surgery to repair his hip and doctors inserted a pin in his left leg. After he was released, our client also developed issues with his knees that forced him to spend three weeks in the hospital and five weeks in rehabilitation. Experts concur that he will need two hip replacements in the future and will also need two knee replacements. These are important facts to uncover for our client and then reveal to the jury to make sure that they award him enough money to cover all his future medical expenses, and pain and suffering. After three hours of deliberation the jury awarded our client 1,785,000.