$875K Settlement for a Slip and Fall Accident



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$875K for Trip and Fall Case at a Baseball Stadium

We represented a 40 year old man who was paralyzed for two months as a result of falling over a cement wheel stop at a local baseball stadium.  Our client attended a nighttime baseball game with a friend. They had three beers each and left the game after the 6th inning. While walking in the parking lot to their car, along a paved pathway, our client tripped over a cement wheel stop that was negligently placed partially in the paved walkway. The parking lot was poorly lit and it was fairly dark and the cement wheel stop was the same color as the walkway creating a significant hazard.  The owners of the stadium could not explain why the cement wheel stop partially obstructed the walkway.  Our client tripped over the wheel stop, hit his head and was instantly paralyzed.  He was transported by ambulance to the hospital where he underwent decompression surgery.  He had two months of physical therapy and made an excellent recovery so that he was able to go back to work and conduct his normal activities.

Case settled for $875,000