Who Can Be Held Responsible For a Lithium Battery Fire?

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Lithium battery fires can be devastating. Since these types of batteries are in most of our everyday technology and appliances, it’s no wonder these harrowing explosions have made recent headlines. While we know they can lead to burns, scars, lacerations, and worse, who pays for the claim once it’s filed? These cases are complicated, which is why you need an experienced attorney in your corner. If you or someone you know has suffered injury or death from a lithium battery fire, an experienced NYC Lithium battery fire injury attorney can help.


Most of our lithium battery supply comes from Japan, South Korea, and the Asia Pacific (AP) region. Therefore, it can be challenging to get a response and/or cooperation from foreign companies regarding a battery fire. However, it’s not impossible- but you can’t go it alone.

While this route can be pursued by the creator of the product who chose to input the AP region’s battery, this is not required to build your lithium battery fire case. Instead, your attorney can help you take legal action against the specific brand that you experienced a battery fire with.


According to Property Casualty 360, for U.S. insurance purposes, U.S. agents, distributors and original equipment manufacturers must be held accountable. Their insistence on the application of UL standards, their audit of foreign factories and their engagement in the product development process are considered essential.

It’s been historically difficult to pinpoint the cell manufacturer of a battery that caught fire. However, with the use of data and forensic technology, this is now possible.

While this information is important, it’s more common for individual cases that the brand of the device that caught fire is the one that we would bring a lawsuit against. If your personal device catches fire and causes injury or damage to your belongings, we can work with you to help build your case against the specific brand.

Finding The Cause

The cause of the lithium battery fire will play a role in who is culpable for the incident. Of course, freak accidents happen and sometimes users contribute to the misuse of products. However, if this becomes a recurring issue, it will be easier to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or distributor.

Creating and trying a case for a lithium battery fire required skill and expertise. With the right team and resources on your side, we can fight for the damages you are owed. Contact us today to see if you or a loved one has experienced a lithium battery fire.

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