Every summer, the buzz rising from New York’s waterways grows more raucous, as people seeking a break from the heat rent jet skis and splash around the city.

With the increased activity comes familiar complaints: crowded rivers, aggressive driving and partying near marinas.

But those concerns have been exacerbated this summer, as people seeking liberation from quarantining at home amid the coronavirus pandemic bring more recreational boats and other vessels out onto the water.

The increase in activity has also increased danger, a risk that turned deadly Monday night when two men were killed in a jet ski crash off the Bronx, according to the police.

The men, Luis Lugo, 48, and Jorge Mancebo-Reyes, 22, collided sometime after nightfall near the Evers Marina in the Country Club neighborhood, a Police Department spokesman said on Tuesday.

The collision threw the men into Eastchester Bay, a body of water between City Island and the Bronx mainland. The operator of a private boat pulled both from the water and rushed them to shore, the spokesman said. From there, they were then taken to Jacobi Medical Center, where they were pronounced dead, the spokesman said.