Cancer Misdiagnosis: Preventable & Terrifying

Written by Ronemus & Vilensky on May 15, 2017

Medical misdiagnosis is dangerous and scary, and this negligence can lead to a more severe diagnosis down the road. Cancer is one of the medical conditions that can be incorrectly diagnosed. If your doctor has evaluated your symptoms incorrectly or

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Types of Police Brutality

Written by Ronemus & Vilensky on April 20, 2017

Photo courtesy of New York Daily News.

At Ronemus & Vilensky, we are familiar with instances of police brutality, police misconduct, false arrest, discrimination, and police assault & abuse in New York City that have been brought to our

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Effects of Lead Poisoning

Written by Ronemus & Vilensky on April 12, 2017

Chipped paint can cause lead poisoning

Over two million people suffer from the effects of lead poisoning which can result in serious developmental, behavioral, neurological, and gastrointestinal health problems, particularly in developing fetuses and young children. There are no

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Q: Who Are America’s Greatest Superheroes? A: The Trial Lawyers

Written by Ronemus & Vilensky on January 12, 2017

Article Written by: Dennis Shields

Our Modern Day Superheroes

What is a superhero? Someone who fights for justice, protects the public, rights wrongs, and who is willing to take on the most powerful enemies who harm our citizens.

Russ Herman, Chris Seeger, Judy Livingston,

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Construction Accidents in New York City 2016

Written by Ronemus & Vilensky on December 27, 2016

Part of progress is the continuous improvement of establishments, buildings, etc. through repairs or building new ones. But construction is dangerous work. Even after a number of safety inspections to ensure the safety of workers and equipment, accidents still happen.

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